April 3, 2021

Dear Friends,

We, at 1990 Institute, would like to express our sorrows for those who lost loved ones in the many senseless acts around the country recently. Although not all incidents were directed at Asians, there is no denial that anti-Asian incidents are on the rise despite President Biden's and Vice President Harris' condemnations against them. It is clear that more work are needed to counter the resurgence of anti-Asian racism brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and the tensions between the governments of U.S. and China.

Our work to champion fair and equal treatment of Asian Americans and to promote a constructive environment for U.S.-China relations is on-going, and I would like to share with you two additions to the 1990 Institute's video and discussion series. The first is an introductory video for a new video series called Voices, Visibility and Vision: Lifting the Fog Around China and Asian Americans. The second is the recording of Chinese Americans: The History You Were Never Told, a webinar moderated by our 1990 Institute Board member Brian Wong, about key moments in American history that have shaped the views of Asians in America. This webinar was a part of the campaign organized by Stand With Asians on March 26 to mobilize Americans to support the Asian American community. 

I end this letter to you with my thoughts of Asian Americans and our place in America.

Ode to Asian Americans Strong

We are Asians hear us roar

We have rights and won’t be ignored

We are strong and we belong

In America


Our diversity makes us strong

Our unity is our bond

We will fight for our rights

In America


See us for who we are

Listen as we speak

We contribute to everyday life

We’ve fought and we’ve faced strife


Different we may seem

But we all want the American dream

Our loyalties are here

There is no need to fear


Over 20 million strong

Trying to get along

We too have needs

As we work hard to succeed


We help America to be strong

We’ve earned the right to belong

We are Asians

We are America




Dan Chao

1990 Institute
P.O. Box 383  | San Francisco, California 94104



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